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Property Marketing

What we can do for you:

Blackstone Consulting Agency can offer a variety of marketing packages to suit your requirements.    We can advertise your Property on various Internet platforms, across Social Media and in local and international magazines and offer Professional Videography, Photography, and Drone Service

Why Choose Our Services

We will go the extra mile to help you  market your property.  

Four Most Important Reasons To Hire A Professional 

Spend the money and get a professional to make your property stand out from the competition.

According to the real estate association 90% of buyers are first drawn to a property (online or otherwise) by good quality photographs. Don’t use your smartphone! This is one area you want to spend your money.
Images sell. As simple as that. By our nature we are very visual and professional photography makes the property shine.
Professional Pictures Go a Long Way
Spend the money and get a professional to make your property stand out from the competition. Yes, your property will essentially sell itself, but to do that you need to entice people to walk in the front door, and pictures (and video) are what make that happen.
Use Video Clips To Tell The Story
Most clients wants a video. A video can do more than just show off the house, it can also showcase the surrounding area and local features. Now with Facebook live and Snapchat video there are additional ways to create an in-the-moment experience of the home and the neighbourhood. Video is increasingly a part of the real estate discovery experience.

…. we can do it !

According to a Zillow study earlier this year, the word “luxurious” added 8.2% to the sales price of lower-tier homes for sale. Among higher-tier homes, the word “captivating” added 6.5%. They go to identify 15 words that added value to home listings, from “impeccable” to “landscaped” to “pergola”.

Be sure to remind prospects of the expected benefits for a certain neighbourhood, but also be sure to point out better-than-expected features of this particular home. People shopping in a trendy urban area expect to be able to walk to many amenities, so remind them the home is “a five-minute walk from Whole Foods”, but also point out the home has surprisingly spacious bedrooms for this popular urban neighborhood.

…. we can do it !

Unless the home needs repairs and is being sold as-is, it should be perfectly clean inside and out, with flawlessly groomed landscaping and floors you can eat off of. The name of the game is first impressions, and nothing turns prospective buyers or renters off more than other people’s dirt and grime (especially in kitchens or bathrooms). If there isn’t much landscaping to speak of, you can still find ways to spruce up the front of the house and boost curb appeal, by adding bright-colored potted plants.

…. we can do it !

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. We can advertise across social media. This is a cheap and effective way to reach people who may be interested in your property. We can target people based on location, age, gender, interests and much more, allowing you to target your ideal demographic and encourage them to come and view your property with your agent

…. we can do it !

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